UIB libraries reinstate book loan service from 25th May

The UIB Library and Documentation Service will restart loaning books on 25th May. This service will depend on a series of measures to ensure staff and user safety. Other face-to-face library services such as using consultation and study areas will not yet be available from this date.

The loan service is subject to the following specificities:

  • Books will need to be reserved and the request must be made via the libary user's account once the material has been located in the catalogue
  • When the library has prepared the books, it will notify the user by e-mail to come and pick them up. They will have three days to do so
  • Not all of the UIB collection can be loaned, meaning that a series of documents will not be included in the loan service
  • The library will also call in book returns for those items that were on loan during the lockdown period and which will no longer be automatically renewed
  • The book loan and return service will be open from 10 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday.

This entire process shall be carried out strictly in line with the health and safety regulations aimed at containing and avoiding COVID-19 infection. The procedure affects all types of users, without distinction.

For more information, please use the following link: Deman@ la biblioteca respon.

Event date: 15/05/2020

Publication date: 14/05/2020