Information for Students


Notifying a positive result or quarantine for students

If you are a student and have to go into quarantine or confinement, or you have tested positive for COVID-19, you may not come to the UIB's premises and need to inform us via UIBdigital, where you will find the corresponding form. It is important that you let us know immediately in order to adapt classes to the new situation.

  • Form > Notification of COVID contact or positive test

What do I need to know for the first day of classes at the UIB?

Before heading to the university:

Avoid unnecessary travel

Do not go to class if you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19

Check the building, classroom and class schedule

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, have come into close contact with someone who has it, are in quarantine or confined:

Stay at home

Let us know via UIBdigital, where you will find the corresponding form

Download and register on the RADAR COVID app.

At the UIB:

Wear a mask

Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser

Maintain a safe distance

Do not dawdle in corridors. Go directly to your classroom or exit the building

Scan the QR code for where you are sitting at the start of each session

If you feel unwell whilst you are at the UIB, let your lecturer know and s/he will, in turn, activate the protocol.

Can I go to the UIB at any time?

-       No. If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19, self-isolate or quarantine—you must stay at home

-       University of the Balearic Islands students and staff must keep an eye on their health and take their temperature before heading to UIB facilities. If you have a temperature of 37.5ºC or above, do not go out

-       Avoid unnecessary travel.

Are there instructions to be followed on UIB premises?

-       Both students and staff must correctly wear a mask

-       Hands must be washed carefully and frequently with soap and water. There are also hand sanitiser dispensers on the premises

-       Maintain a personal safety distance of 1.5 metres. You must ensure that you move orderly and carefully through building and classroom entrances and exits in communal spaces at the University of the Balearic Islands

-       Maximum occupancy for the bathrooms is one person in spaces up to four square metres, except where assistance is required, when a companion may accompany you. For bathrooms larger than four square metres with more than one cubicle or urinal, maximum occupancy is 50% of cubicles and urinals in the room. During use, individuals must maintain a personal distance of two metres

-       All office material (pens, scissors, staplers, etc.), as well as computers, must be for individual use only

-       Use of the lifts is limited to essential minimum  levels, with stairs being the preferred option wherever possible. Where necessary, maximum occupancy is limited to one person, except where assistance is required when a companion may accompany you. Masks must be worn correctly.

I think I am in an at-risk group. What should I do?

If you believe you are in an at-risk group for COVID-19, you may make a request including all appropriate medical information so that a different assessment pathway can be offered to you. Please use the following form: UIBdigital > Processes and services > Requests > Available.

Lecturers have designed a remote itinerary for students who can accredit they are in an at-risk group for COVID-19 with the relevant medical report. In accordance with article 29.14 of the Academic Regulations, differentiated assessment pathways may be set out in the course guides or in a learning agreement signed by the lead lecturer for the subject group and the student at the start of academic activities for the subject.

What happens if I test positive?

If you test positive for COVID-19, you must not come to the UIB's premises and instead notify the university via UIBdigital, where you will find the corresponding form.

This situation will prohibit face-to-face learning and, possibly, scheduled sessions. If an assessment test is planned for this period, affected students have the right to alternative assessment in accordance with article 34 of the Academic Regulations.

What happens if I have COVID-19 symptoms?

Students who have symptoms compatible with COVID-19 must not come the university's premises. They must call the special Health and Consumer Issues Department hotline on 900 100 971, or in serious cases, emergency services on 061 or their health centre. If you test positive, you must notify us via UIBdigital, where you will find the corresponding form.

What happens if I have COVID-19 symptoms whilst I am at the UIB?

If you start to notice symptoms whilst you are on UIB premises, you need to notify your lecturer who, whilst maintaining personal safety distance, will accompany you to the isolation room and notify the porter's lodge in the building. They will contact the Medical Unit (971 17 34 61 from 8 am to 5:30 pm) or, if they are unavailable, the Health Department hotline on 900 100 971. In serious cases, they will contact emergency services on 061 or your health centre to notify them about your case. Porters shall notify the person responsible for COVID management in the building. You must notify your parents or guardians so that they can pick you up. You will be unable to restart face-to-face activities until your medical status has been assessed by a health professional.

What happens if I quarantine or isolate and cannot go to class?

Where you need to spend time in quarantine or isolation, you cannot go the UIB's premises and must notify us via UIBdigital, where you will find the corresponding form. It is important that you let us know immediately in order to adapt classes to the new situation.

In general, the following measures may be adopted:

-       Face-to-face sessions will be replaced by online activities or remote booster tutorials 

-       Work may continue to be submitted normally over Aula Digital

-       Students will join practicals once their quarantine or isolation period has finished. Where this is not possible, centres may reschedule unattended face-to-face sessions in coordination with subject heads or replace them with remote activities

-       If a written or oral assessment is planned during the quarantine or isolation period, an alternative shall be provided in accordance with article 34 of the Academic Regulations

-       Final degree projects (TFG) and Master's theses (TFM) shall continue online writing/tutoring processes where possible. TFGs and TFMs that involve in-person activities at UIB facilities shall re-start when the quarantine or isolation period is over

-       Curricular and non-curricular external placements for confined or quarantined students shall be suspended until the end of the isolation period. Depending on the start time for the quarantine or confinement period, and its duration, centres may adopt any of the alternatives set out in the Contingency Plan

-       Student assistants shall undertake the tasks corresponding to their places once the quarantine or confinement period is over. Where this is not possible, the lead tutor may reschedule unattended face-to-face sessions or replace them with remote activities.

Can I take my mask off at any time?

Wearing a mask is mandatory in all outdoor and indoor spaces, whether they are for specific purposes or for transit and distribution.

In general, the recommendation in the paragraph above shall not apply in the following instances:

a)    Those who have any type of breathing difficulty that may be aggravated by using a mask

b)    Those for whom mask use is not indicated due to justified health reasons

c)    Those who have behavioural disorders that make mask use impractical

d)    Doing activities where wearing a mask is incompatible with their nature.

If I do not have a mask, will I be provided with one?

In general, wearing a mask is mandatory and all students should have one. In exceptional instances, receptions in buildings where you have classes will provide masks to students.

Do lecturers have to wear a mask all the time?

Masks are also mandatory for all university teaching and admin staff.

Is hand sanitiser freely available?

Hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed at the entrances to classrooms, in labs, study rooms, libraries and special rooms. There are soap and paper towel dispensers for hand washing in all bathrooms.

Are the libraries open? How are they operating?

Libraries are open in the mornings and afternoons. They close for one hour at lunchtime for cleaning and disinfecting. The appropriate safety distance measures will apply between reading areas, in circulation areas and collection access areas. Reading stations will be individually allocated to each user. Operations at the libraries shall be governed by a specific protocol which will be updated at the following URL:

Are study rooms open?

Study rooms will be opened depending on the current health situation.

Are cafés and bars open at all the campuses?

Shops, services, hospitality and catering activities, as well as sports facilities, shall be governed by current legislation.

Are the sports facilities open?

Yes, the campus sports facilities are open. Due to the pandemic, the sports facilities implemented many health measures for users throughout 2020. These include limited occupancy in spaces; marking out spaces for individual use; implementing a prior booking system for instructor-led activities (via the CampusEsport mobile app available for iOS and Android); installing special signage and disinfection elements, and increasing staffing and cleaning levels.

CampusEsport reminds users that everyone must wear a mask in all communal areas of the sports facilities.

More information: <>.

Can meetings be held in the student delegation?

Access to student delegations shall be managed by the Permanent Commission of the Student Council. The main aim is to avoid crowding at all times. Prior bookings must be requested in writing from the secretary of the Student Council to have access to student delegations, once the Permanent Commission releases the schedule. Time slots that are not in use shall be freely available to all users with a booking.

What happens if there is another lockdown?

The UIB Contingency Plan establishes two scenarios. Depending on the current situation and health guidelines, the Vice Chancellor and Executive Council of the UIB may take the decision to apply either of the scenarios set out below, as per the evolution of COVID-19.

  • Scenario 1. The closure of all university facilities > online teaching
  • Scenario 2. The closure of a UIB building > online teaching for the affected programmes 

Will exams be online or in-person?

Exams shall generally be scheduled for in-person sessions. In any event, lecturers may opt for online exams. Please check with the lecturer for each subject.

What happens with practical subjects?

Lab and clinical practicals, as well as those in computer, music, art and physical education rooms and spaces shall be scheduled for in-person sessions. Centres may establish protocols for practicals.

If you are in an at-risk group and have accredited your status, please contact the head of studies for your programme.

Are field trips allowed?

Field trips and visits to museums, companies, etc. may take place in line with appropriate safety measures and in accordance with the current pandemic status.

Are tutorials still running?

Tutorials shall be running with priority being given to online sessions, in accordance with what is set out in article 25 of the Academic Regulations.

Will placements at companies be running?

Curricular and extra-curricular placements shall be scheduled in line with the current procedures: an agreement between the company and the university, including the appendix with the student learning plan. Where health conditions so require, the company must also sign a document that ensures it complies with all current health measures during the placement. Where a placement centre is totally or partially shut down, students shall adapt to the contingency plans in place at the firms.

What happens if I have to write my TFG or TFM?

TFG and TFM students who need to work in laboratories may do so, as long as they follow the personal safety distance and specific hygiene measures set by the health authorities. TFG and TFM viva defences may be done in-person if health measures so allow.

What happens if I do not have a computer or an internet connection to do online classes?

With a view to removing obstacles to taking courses with the maximum guarantees and academic rigour possible, the UIB will be running a loan service for laptops, cameras and SIM cards with connection data plans. Loans are for students who, due to their social and economic circumstances, suffer from unequal access to technological resources.

Loans are managed by the Library and Documentation Service and begin with a request made via UIBdigital, where students shall state their requirements (laptop, camera or SIM cards with connection data plans) and the reasons for their request. The system shall be in place in the coming days.

What happens if I have specific educational support requirements?

Moving from face-to-face to online teaching may represent an added impediment for students with specific educational support requirements. Please contact the Support for People with Special Needs Office.

In order to ensure fundamental equal opportunities rights, the Support for People with Special Needs Office shall determine the measures to be taken into account in order to minimise the impact from online teaching and assessment.