The Department of Education supports the UIB's decision to continue online teaching until the end of the academic year

The fact that university students are able to self-organise work and the desire to not see any further uncertainty were taken into consideration.

University independence and the UIB Executive Council decision were taken into account.

The possibility of establishing a face-to-face assessment period for second semester subjects remains open, as long as optimum health and safety conditions can be assured. 

Representatives from the Regional Department of Education, University and Research, and from the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) met today to assess the possibility of restarting face-to-face teaching at the university for the remainder of the academic year.

The UIB explained to the Regional Department the agreement reached by the Executive Council whereby face-to-face teaching for the 2019-20 academic year should not be restarted and, therefore, all teaching activity should continue to be online.

The university has deemed that once the state of emergency is lifted, activity will restart gradually in order to avoid any uncertainty in how teaching is organised for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year. It would therefore be appropriate to not restart face-to-face classes in the second semester and for online teaching to continue.

The Regional Department of Education specifically underscored the university's independence and the fact that UIB students are able to self-manage study time which, at this level, requires much more certainty.

The Regional Department appreciates the coordination between the UIB and the Regional Government in taking difficult decisions due to the current situation.

Procedure approved by the University of the Balearic Islands

1. All face-to-face teaching in the second semester of the 2019-20 academic year is deemed to have finished and, therefore, all remaining teaching activity shall done online.

2. In accordance with the instructions issued by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching on 27th March 2020, and reported to the Academic Commission, UIB centres shall modify the methodology, assessment and timing aspects of subjects to enable face-to-face activity moving online. Campus Digital, the Research Support Office and the Information Technology Centre shall continue to provide support in this task.

3. The possibility remains open for certain academic activities to restart face-to-face, as long as the optimum health and safety measures can be assured and in line with instructions issued by the health authorities. Specifically:

  • With regard to external placements that cannot be done online, centres shall establish a teaching and assessment adaptation procedure in coordination with the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching
  • Final degree projects (TFG) and Master's theses (TFM) shall generally continue with online production and tutoring. In any event, centres may maintain or modify submission deadlines and the dates for viva voces
  • Laboratory practicals and field trips that cannot be replaced shall be rescheduled whenever this is possible, preferably in the month of July and, where applicable, September.

4. The possibility remains open for a face-to-face assessment period for second semester subjects, as long as optimum health and safety conditions can be assured.

5. Coordination with heads of centres and studies shall continue in order to resolve any problems the university community may have with regard to continuing online teaching.

The university would like to thank students, lecturers, and admin and services staff for their commitment and efforts to ensure that the university can continue teaching, research and management activities online with the same assurances, as allowed by these exceptional circumstances.

We would like to send out all our support for those who are most affected by the disease and the unusual circumstances we are having to deal with at this time.

We will come out of this pandemic together. Health and courage to you all!

Publication date: 03/04/2020