Online course and seminar: searching for information and introduction to videoconferencing

The UIB Library Service has produced a free online course on searching for information aimed at the academic community. The aim is for you to make the most of the resources and services available at the library. In addition, the course counts for 1 ECTS credit.

Through the 'How to find academic information, manage bibliographies and ethical use of information' course, you will learn how to find information outside of Google, how to carry out a proper search, spot useful information and used it without committing plagiarism. Again, the course is also worth 1 ECTS credit.

'BiblioExplora: make the library your own'

'BiblioCerca: academic information outside Google'

'BiblioÈtica: it's not copy/paste'

'BiblioCita: do it in style and quote properly'

'BiblioMendeley: a library on your computer'

More information and registration at: <>

In turn, the Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Digital Campus and Transmedia has organised an online seminar to introduce videoconferencing. It will take place on Thursday 26th March at 10:30 am and aims to help lecturers during the state of emergency.

Online videoconferencing is an excellent support for remote teaching. Aula digital offers BB Collaborate, a useful real-time videoconferencing tool enabling you to attach files, share applications and use a virtual blackboard to interact with students. The videoconferencing session can be found at this link: <…>.  

Publication date: 25/03/2020