Messages from the University of Jinan (China)

The University of the Balearic Islands has received a letter from Professor Song Xianzhong, President of Jinan University, an institution with which the UIB has collaboration agreements. The President states that 'on behalf of Jinan University, we offer our sincere gratitude to you for your kind support to us, and we would also like to express condolences to those who are suffering in these tough times'.

Professor Song Xianzhong ends his message with the following words: 'We believe that as long as we hold our confidence, work together, and follow sound prevention and control policy, we will be able to win the battle against the epidemic based on targeted prevention and control measures.'

Attached to the President's letter is a message from an exchange student, Chunbin Ding, who recalls his time on the islands and encourages everyone to protect themselves and their families, signing off with the emotional sentiment, 'we are together! Tomorrow will be new day'. 

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Publication date: 25/03/2020