Meeting between the Ministry of Education and the UIB to agree on a joint position on the PBAU tests

The Secotor Conference on Education will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) between all Autonomous Regions and the Ministry.

The Regional Government and the UIB would prefer to postpone them whilst respecting single district doctrine and causing the least amount of disruption for potential students.


The Regional Minister for Education, University and Research, Martí March, and the Vice Chancellor of the University of the Balearic Islands, Llorenç Huguet, met today via videoconference to agree on a joint position regarding the High School University Entrance Exams (PBAU). 

The meeting included the regional secretary for university, research and language policy, Augustina Vilaret; the director general of university policy and research, Josep Lluís Pons, and the director general for planning, academic affairs and centres, Antoni Morante, on the government side. In turn, the pro-vice-chancellor for student affairs, Dr Rosa Isabel Rodríguez; the pro-vice-chancellor for teaching, Dr Joan Frau, and the director of the Technical Secretariat for University Access, Dr Joan Antoni Mesquida, represented the UIB.

Both the Regional Government and the UIB agree that the best approach would be to postpone the PBAU due to the state of emergency. In this case, it would be necessary to particularly focus on second-year high school diploma students who are due to sit the exams so that they suffer the least amount of disruption possible. Moreover, both institutions believe that the postponement should in no way represent a change to single-district doctrine.

The Regional Minister, Martí March, highlighted that this position coincides with most other autonomous regions in Spain and that 'our main aim should be trying to avoid bias and making the situation as fair as possible for all students'.

In turn, Vice Chancellor Llorenç Huguet stated that 'it is extremely important to be coordinated on this point at such a complicated time'. Moreover, he remarked that 'having to modify the exams is no reason for altering single-district doctrine'.

The Regional Minister for Education, University and Research will defend this position at the Sector Conference on Education planned to take place tomorrow (Wednesday) between the Ministry and all other autonomous regions.

Publication date: 24/03/2020